See the Sundays page for current information about children's groups on Sundays during this Covid season. Some midweek groups are running: please contact Jonny for details.

Hello from the Youth & Children's Worker

Youth and children are an extremely important part of the life of St Michael's. There is a full programme for them throughout the week and in everything we do we try to have as much fun as possible as we learn more about Jesus and see what difference he makes to our lives. Have a browse below for what we get up to and if you have any questions at all please do get in touch - I would love to hear from you!

Jonny Woodbridge, Youth & Children's Worker

Sunday Mornings

Building Blocks

Building Blocks is our group for pre-schoolers that takes place at the morning service. We have loads of fun together as we look at a story from the Bible, do a craft and play with some toys.

Sunday Club

Sunday Club is for all those in school up to the ages of 10 and takes place during the morning service. We make the most of the big hall we meet up in upstairs to play games, do crafts and team challenges and most importantly look at the Bible and learn about Jesus together

Animate on Sundays

Animate is our group for 10-14 year olds and we meet during the morning service out the back in our own Animate den! We have loads of fun hanging out together, playing some games and studying the Bible together to see what difference Jesus makes to our lives.

Other clubs and groups

Noah's Ark

Our parent and toddler group runs every Thursday during term-time from 10.00-11.30am. Join us as we play with toys, sing songs and look at stories. Message Babette Bullock here for more details. All welcome!

Smash Junior

For those in Reception to Year 2, SMASH Junior takes place at church on Thursday afternoons from 3.45-5.00pm and is crammed full of fun, snacks, games, craft and each week we'll look at a story from the Bible!


Standing for St Michael's After School Heroes, SMASH Club meets on Thursday afternoons from 5.15-6.30pm at the church. Anyone from Years 3-5 is welcome for fun, games, refreshments and teaching from the Bible.


Animate is for everyone in Years 6-9.  A chance to unwind, relax, play some games and look at the Bible together. It takes place at church on Friday evenings from 7-8.30pm.


A group for those in Years 10-13 meeting at St Michael's on Sunday afternoons at 5pm before the Evening Service. We take some time to chill out, chat and play some games before looking at how what the Bible teaches affects our lives.