Lewis & Jess, two members of the student team here, share their memories of uni & church!

Hello students! We’re so glad that you’ve chosen to study in this part of the world. University is an incredible time, and we would love to be here for you in whatever way we can. All are welcome!  Here are a few things we get up to:

  1. Join us on Sundays! With contemporary worship & rel- evant Bible teaching, our 5.15pm service is specifically designed with students & young adults in mind but you are also welcome at our 10.30am family service.

  2. Mid-week lunch! Weekly gatherings at Toby and Hannah’s house for a chance to hang out, have lunch, study the Bible and pray together.

  3. Grab a coffee with us! Toby, Hannah, Jess and a few others in the church family spend some of their week meeting students to chat over coffee—just ask!

  4. Get stuck into Christian Union! We love CUs! They're a great way of supporting other Christians and seeing the campus impacted for Jesus.

Interested? Use the form below to get in touch!

We’d love to hear from you!

“We can't wait to get to know you and explore life and faith with you while you're here. Wherever you're at and however you're doing, you're always welcome!”

Toby Ling,
Student Pastor

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We're only a few minutes' walk from the St Mary's campus...