Welcome to uni! Being at university is a unique time for everyone, whether you're studying at St Mary's Twickenham or further afield, and we would love to help support and encourage you in this however we can! Here are some ways to connect to us:

  1. Join us on Sundays! With contemporary worship & relevant Bible teaching, our 6:30 service is specifically designed with students & young adults in mind but many also choose to join our 10am morning service.
  2. Grab a coffee with us! James, Lewis, Jess and a few others in the church family spend lots of their week meeting to chat over coffee; we would love to welcome you to the area.
  3. Get into a home group! Throughout the week, members of our church family meet up to get to know one another, to study the Bible and pray. It's a great way to get connected!
  4. Get stuck into Christian Union! We love CUs! They're a great way of supporting other Christians and seeing the campus impacted for Jesus.

Interested? Use the form below to get in touch!

We’d love to hear from you!

“St Mary’s Twickenham is a brilliant place to study; you’ll have a class three years here! As well as good friendships and great experiences, our prayer is that you also discover a church family to be at home with & grow into the person God wants you to become.”

James Bunyan,
Student Pastor

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Come and find us!

St Michael's Fulwell,
Wilcox Rd,
TW11 0SP.

We’re only 10 mins walk from campus!